Cider Houses in Astigarraga

Inside Gurutzeta Sidreria in Asitgarraga

Cider Houses have a long standing history in the Basque Country. And perhaps there’s nowhere better to experience Basque Cider than at one of the cider houses in Astigarraga. The small town on the border with San Sebastian has the highest concentration of Sidrerías (“Sagardotegi” in Basque) in the whole of Guipúzcoa. It’s what brings … Read more

Basque Cider Houses

People getting basque cider from a cider barrel in a cider house in Astigarraga

Cider Houses have a long standing history in the Basque Country. The presence of Siderías (“Sagardotegi” in Basque) or Basque Cider Houses dates back to the 11th century.  Originally they were places where locals would typically go to buy cider and food. However, over time they converted into places of social gatherings and restaurants.  Today, … Read more

Best coffee shops in San Sebastian

breakfast and coffee from Old Town Coffee in San Sebastian

There are so many great independent, local places to grab a coffee in San Sebastian. And the best thing is, that in most pastelerías, cafes and bars, it’ll only set you back between €1.50 and €2 for a cup of the good stuff. The coffee favoured by the Spanish is probably described best as a … Read more

Restaurants with Terraces in San Sebastian

The outdoor terrace with plants and flowers at Kafe Botanika in San Sebastian

Whilst wandering around San Sebastian, you may notice that there are quite a lot of restaurants with terraces.  Although the Basque weather can be a little temperamental, that doesn’t stop the locals enjoying a good meal out on a terrace. Even on cold days in the winter, you’ll find people dining outside! Despite all the … Read more

Best Restaurants in Gros

Food form Le Comidare in San Sebastian

Gros is famous for being the centre of the surfing scene in San Sebastian. But it has also become a hub for some of the best restaurants in the city.  Whilst you can try some of the best of Basque gastronomy in the Old Town and centre of San Sebastian, Gros brings a completely different … Read more

Menu del dia in San Sebastian

Menu del dia board in San Sebastian

Whilst Donostia is full of Michelin star restaurants, you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy an excellent meal out. That couldn’t be more evident in the quality of places offering a menú del día (daily fixed menu). You may already know that San Sebastian is one of the most expensive cities in Spain. … Read more

Best Restaurants in Antiguo

Ocho San Sebastian

Not only does the Antiguo district of San Sebastian have its own beach, mountain and theme park. But it’s also home to some of the best restaurants in the city! The area offers it all. There’s plenty of traditional choices, restaurants for vegetarians and vegans alongside some of the best burgers around! If you’re looking … Read more

6 Best burger spots in San Sebastian

Va Bene restaurant in San Sebastian

In a city famous for its culinary offering, it’s only natural that there are a number of places that serve up amazing burgers in San Sebastian.  But, we like to do things a little differently here.  Firstly, a number of pintxo bars offer mini-burgers on their menus, which are well worth a try. But also, … Read more

Best bars in San Sebastian

Convent Garden bar in San Sebastian

As you wander through the city, you’ll realise that there are a lot of bars in San Sebastian.  A place that’s famous for its food culture, Donostiarras (people from San Sebastian) demand plenty of options for going for a drink and a bite to eat.  The reality is that you can’t go wrong with most … Read more