Cider Houses in San Sebastian

Cider Houses have a long standing history in the Basque Country. The presence of Siderías (“Sagardotegi” in Basque) or Basque Cider Houses dates back to the 11th century. 

Originally they were places where locals would typically go to buy cider and food. 

However, these days, they’ve converted into places of social gatherings and restaurants. And a visit to a cider house for the txotx experience is (in my opinion) one of the top things to do on a trip to San Sebastian

If you want to find out more about what makes the Cider Houses so special, including the menu they serve, then you can read our guide to Basque Cider Houses here

Otherwise, in this article we’ll list some of the best Basque Cider Houses to visit on a trip to San Sebastian.

The best cider houses to visit from San Sebastian

Below we’ve picked out some of the best cider houses which are within easy reach of the city centre of San Sebastian. Naturally, most are located towards the countryside, but all the options below are easily reachable by both car and public transport. 

We’ve also tried to pick the best options with seated dining, alternative diet menus and cider houses that are open all year round.

1. Txirrita Sagardotegia (San Sebastian)

Txirrita Sidreria in San Sebastian
Image from Txirrita Facebook

Txirrita is a little different to most of the other cider houses as it’s situated right in the centre of San Sebastian! This makes it the perfect option for those without a car or those who don’t want to take public transport.

Just a stone’s throw from the famous La Concha Beach, Txirrita offers a traditional Basque cider house menu made with local produce. 

The dining room can accommodate up to 210 people, making it an ideal spot for even larger groups or events. 

2. Rezola Sagardotegia (Astigarraga)

Rezola Sidreria Astigarraga
Image from Rezola Facebook

Located just 100 metres from the centre of Astigarraga and a short 15-minute drive from San Sebastian, Rezola offers a traditional cider house experience with two cellars and three dining rooms. 

They produce premium cider and provide a comfortable setting where visitors can either sit or stand while eating. 

With on-site private parking and easy access by bus, Rezola is not only one of the best cider houses in Astigarraga, but it’s one of the most convenient and easiest to get to.

They offer lunch and dinner options, and serve the traditional cider house menu all year round.

3. Petritegi (Astigarraga)

Petritegi Sidreria in Astigarraga
Image from Petritegi Facebook

Petritegi is one of the most famous cider houses in Gipuzkoa, boasting a long-standing tradition in cider making, dating back to 1526. 

Also located in Astigarraga, they offer various menus composed of typical cider house dishes to cater to all clients, including vegetarians. 

As well as being one of the oldest, it’s also one of the biggest cider houses, with three traditional dining rooms and enough space for over 400 diners! You can imagine the atmosphere here on a weekend!

4. Astarbe Sagardotegia (Astigarraga)

The cider barrels and txuleta at Astarbe Cider House in Astigarraga

Astarbe is one of the oldest cider houses in Astigarraga having been making Basque cider since 1563!

Located just on the outskirts of the Astigarraga, it’s within walking distance of the town centre (where you can get the bus to from San Sebastian).

Unlike some of the other cider houses, they offer Txotx all year round. So you can enjoy the full cider house experience no matter what time of year you visit. 

In summer they also offer another summer menu with different options for those who don’t want the traditional cider house menu.

I’ve always found the staff to be super friendly. They are always happy to explain the process of creating the cider and talk through the menu.

5. Zapiain (Astigarraga)

Zapiain Sidreria in Astigarraga San Sebastian
Image from Zapiain Facebook

The name Zapiain is well known throughout the Basque Country. Not only because the cider house has been producing cider since the 16th century, but their bottles of cider are present in many restaurants and supermarkets. 

Based in Astigarraga, like Astarbe it’s easy to reach Zapiain on foot from Astigarraga town centre.

From January to April you can visit the cider house with a full txotx experience. 

And if you’re still interested in visiting Zapiain Sagardoa of the txotx season, you can do so on a guided tour where you can learn about the history and making of Basque Cider. 

6. Gurutzeta (Astigarraga)

Inside Gurutzeta Sidreria in Asitgarraga

Gurutzeta, located in the Ergobia neighbourhood of Astigarraga, is a family-run business dedicated to making cider since the late 19th century. 

They combine traditional methods with modern technologies, offering natural cider in various styles. Visitors can enjoy a traditional cider house menu all year round, including the authentic Basque experience during the txotx season!

Alongside the restaurant, Gurutzeta also provides unique experiences like cider tasting and learning how to prepare traditional dishes.

7. Zelaia Sagardotegia (Hernani)

Zelaia Sidreria
Image from Zelaia Facebook

Zelaia in Hernani, prides itself on offering top-quality cider with an official quality seal.

Alongside their famous Basque cider, Zelaia serves up a traditional cider house menu (including a vegan menu option) during the txotx season (January – April). 

Located on the outskirts of Hernani, the cider house is easily reachable by car or via. bus (BU12 & BU13) from the centre of San Sebastian.