Basque Cider Houses

People getting basque cider from a cider barrel in a cider house in Astigarraga

Cider Houses have a long standing history in the Basque Country. The presence of Siderías (“Sagardotegi” in Basque) or Basque Cider Houses dates back to the 11th century.  Originally they were places where locals would typically go to buy cider and food. However, over time they converted into places of social gatherings and restaurants.  Today, … Read more

Food in San Sebastian

traditional basque txuleta steak served in the middle of a table

San Sebastian is without doubt the food capital of Europe.  It’s a foodie’s heaven with everything from a unique pintxo culture, some of the freshest seafood around, famous sideria (cider house) menus, fresh food markets and not to mention the 19 Michelin stars in the city! But with all these options, it can become quite … Read more

Txakoli Wine

Txakoli wine, pronounced (chah-kuh-lee), is fast becoming one of the Basque Country’s greatest ambassadors for the region’s excellence in food and drink.  However, it wasn’t always like that.  Not so long ago, the local wine was considered acidic, boring and even tasteless.  But the wine has seen a growth in popularity thanks to its presence … Read more

Best Breakfast Spots in San Sebastian

close up view of the fruit bowl from kafe botanika in san sebastian

San Sebastian is undoubtedly the capital of Europe when it comes to food!  It’s a foodie’s heaven with a unique pintxo culture, some of the freshest seafood around and the famous siderias (cider houses). Famously, there are also 19 Michelin stars within a 25km radius of the city. There’s no place in Europe with a … Read more


pintxo and drinks at a bar in san sebsatian parte vieja

Alongside the beaches, the surf, city centre architecture and cultural events, one of the things San Sebastian is most famous for is the food! And in particular the pintxos. Pintxos were born in the Basque Country. They are a small, appetiser sized portion of food that are usually served at bars. They differ from the … Read more