We Tried Azoka: San Sebastián’s Newest Resaurant

Azoka is a novel restaurant in San Sebastián that opened its doors in August. 

The owners have introduced a unique concept to the city, blending charcoal and fire cooking with sociocultural events. 

The 500-square-metre space, spanning two floors, showcases live-cooking and a diverse culinary offering. 

On the main floor, the Azoka team manages the kitchen, providing a firsthand culinary experience that invites diners to witness the cooking processes at a 12-metre granite bar. 

We had front row seats as we sat right in front, watching our food be prepared in the kitchen!

Inside Azoka Restaurant in San Sebastian

The menu consists of ​​burgers, meats, fish, roasts, and marinated chickens cooked on Marabú charcoal. I’ve heard that they will change the menu fairly often, so it’s worth checking out on their website

The grilled offerings are complemented by artisanal cheeses, sausages, homemade desserts and a curated selection of Basque and international wines, ciders, beers, and signature cocktails.

The menu also extends to breakfasts on the weekends, with toasts, pastries and eggs. 

However, we went for lunch and opted for the Buffalo Focaccia (which was the Focaccia of the month) for starter. It was simply amazing!

Buffalo Focaccia at Azoka San Sebastian

Followed by muscles which were incredible too!

Mussels from Azoka San Sebastian

And then we couldn’t not try the roast chicken with chips for our main. 

Roast Chicken at Azoka San Sebastian

Whatever you choose, the restaurant puts an emphasis on sustainability and local products, preserving regional traditions and respecting nature. 

Azoka represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, providing patrons with a dynamic and immersive dining experience. It’ll be a welcome addition to San Sebastián culinary scene and I’d highly recommend giving it a try.