San Telmo Museum

Outside the San Telmo museum in San Sebastian

Hidden in the corner of Zuloaga Square in the Old Town of San Sebastian, you’ll find the San Telmo Museum.  A harmony of architecture and artistry, the aluminium facade blends in beautifully with Monte Urgull almost appearing as though the building is carved out of the mountain itself.  The perforated holes in the facade even … Read more

Basílica de Santa María

The Basílica de Santa María is one of the top things to see on a visit to the Parte Vieja (Old Town) of San Sebastian. And a trip to the Old Town is a must when visiting Donostia! It’s one of the most prominent buildings. Mainly hidden as you lose yourself in the narrow streets … Read more

San Sebastian Nightlife

It’s fair to say that a good night out isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of San Sebastian. The city is more famous for other things like the beaches, the food and strong Basque traditions.  However, after indulging in some pintxos, there’s a good night out to be had in … Read more

Chistorra (Txistorra) Basque Style Sausage

Txistorra Chistorra Sausage at a basque market in San Sebastian

Chistorra or Txistorra in Basque (pronounced chees-toh-rrah in both cases), is a cured sausage originating from Aragon, Navara and the Basque Country.  The minced pork meat is seasoned with salt, garlic and paprika which gives it a recognisable dark red colour before and after cooking.  It’s a popular snack in the North of Spain, usually … Read more

Behobia-San Sebastian

finish line of behobia san sebastian

San Sebastian is an ideal city for running. It’s one of the favourite pastimes for thousands of locals, and many tourists who come to the city catch the bug and end up putting their running trainers on at some point. Whilst the city isn’t exactly flat, there are flat spots and many of them are … Read more

Semana Grande (Great Week) San Sebastian

The fair on Paseo Nuevo during Semana grande in San Sebastian

Semana Grande, or Great Week in English, is a week-long festival that is celebrated in San Sebastian each year in August.  It takes place each year on the week that marks the Virgin’s Day (15th August). The festival initially started in the days when Queen Isabella II used to pass her summers in Donostia. The … Read more

La Tamborrada of San Sebastian

Plaza constitucion san sebastian during La Tamborrada

La Tamborrada takes place on the 20th January each year in San Sebastian. It’s one of the biggest dates in the city’s calendar and is a local bank holiday for Donostiarras or people who work in San Sebastian.  What happens at La Tamborrada? La Tamborrada starts at midnight on 19th January in the Plaza de … Read more

Santa Clara Island

View of Santa Clara Island In San Sebastain from Mira Concha

Santa Clara Island is the name given to the small island that lays in the middle of La Concha Bay. It sits smack bang in the middle, with Monte Igueldo to one side and Monte Urgull on the other.  It makes for the picture perfect postcard from La Concha Beach. But there’s more to the … Read more

Buen Pastor Cathedral

the spire of the buen pastor cathedral sticking out between the trees on an nice autumnal day

The Buen Pastor Cathedral (Good Shepherd Cathedral in English) is one of the most iconic buildings in San Sebastian (Donostia), making it a must visit when in the city.  It’s an easy building to spot as it rises above the skyline across most of the city, with sneak glimpses of the spires from the nearby … Read more

San Sebastian Surf

sunset over the zurriola beach in san sebastian with monte urgull in the background

The Basque Country is synonymous with surfing with a number of great surf spots along the Northern Spanish coastline and the Southern French coastline (which is just a short journey away).  And San Sebastian (Donostia) is one of the best spots in the Basque Country, if not Spain, to catch some waves. The city has … Read more