Boutique Hotels in San Sebastian

Zenit Convento San Martín hotel in San Sebastian

San Sebastian offers a number of excellent boutique hotels to make the most of your experience in the Basque city.  Whilst there’s all types of accommodation on offer for all types of budgets, a boutique hotel, different for its location, service and size, presents a more intimate way to discover the city.  Most of these … Read more

Antiguo District

la concha bay from monte igueldo

Antiguo is a special barrio (area) of San Sebastain. Despite being over 2km away from the centre of the Old Town, Antiguo (which means old in Spanish) is actually where the first Donostiarras resided.  Originally emerging as a farming village outside of the city walls tens of centuries ago, as the city has grown it … Read more

Gros District

View over Gros and the Zurriola beach from Monte Ulia

One of the things San Sebastian is famous for is surfing. And thanks to the Zurriola beach, Gros is where all the young, cool surfers hang out.  Over time, this has led to Gros becoming San Sebastian’s trendy neighbourhood.  The barrio (area) is located between the River Urumea and Monte Ulía. It’s easy to get … Read more

Where to stay in San Sebastian

view of the river urumea from tabakalera in egia

Whilst San Sebastian is a fairly compact city (you can get around on foot to most places), it’s still worth doing a bit of research on the best area to stay in depending on what you’re after.  There are a number of neighbourhoods in the city, and they all offer something a little different.  To … Read more

Best Hostels in San Sebastian

A Room in the City Hostel in San Sebastian

It’s no hidden secret that accommodation in Donostia can get a little expensive. But perhaps less commonly known is that there are some amazing hostels in San Sebastian.  They are perfectly set up for people travelling solo, travellers who want to meet new people, or those that are just looking for more budget options in … Read more

Best hotels in San Sebastian

View from the sea facing rooms in the hotel londres de inglattera in San Sebastian

If you’re looking for the best hotels in San Sebastian, then you’ve come to the right place.  It’s no hidden secret that accommodation in Donostia can get a little expensive, particularly on peak weekends when there are events on the calendar.  For that reason, we’ve split this guide into the three sections, covering the best … Read more

Centre & Romantic Area

View of San Sebastian city hall from theAlderdi Eder gardens

The main centre of San Sebastian and Área Romántica (Romantic area) emerged from the mid 19th century.  As San Sebastian started to gain fame after Queen Isabel II decided to spend her summers in Donostia, there was a need to expand to accommodate the new influx of tourists and aristocrats.   In 1863, it was therefore … Read more