Boutique Hotels in San Sebastian

San Sebastian offers a number of excellent boutique hotels to make the most of your experience in the Basque city. 

Whilst there’s all types of accommodation on offer for all types of budgets, a boutique hotel, different for its location, service and size, presents a more intimate way to discover the city. 

Most of these hotels are located in beautiful old buildings, but have been reformed to offer modern, comfortable rooms. And some of them are set in some of the most envious locations in the city.

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The best boutique hotels in San Sebastian

If you’re looking for something extra special for your stay, then these hotels are amongst the best in the city!

1. Villa Soro

Villa Soro Hotel in San Sebastian
Image from Hotel Villa Soro Facebook

Nestled in a tranquil neighbourhood, Villa Soro is a charming hotel that offers a blend of elegance and comfort. It’s unique amongst other hotels in San Sebastian in that it offers the sensation of being in the countryside, whilst being in the middle of the city.

Set within a renovated British style 19th-century villa, this boutique hotel boasts spacious rooms with tasteful décor and modern amenities. 

With its lush garden, cosy library, and personalised service, Villa Soro provides a luxury retreat for travellers seeking a peaceful stay in San Sebastian.

2. Hotel Villa Favorita

Hotel Villa Favortia in San Sebastian
Image from Hotel Villa Favortia Facebook

Located on Paseo de La Concha, Hotel Villa Favorita has one of the most envied locations in the whole of the city. 

One of top (and priciest in the city) It’s a delightful boutique hotel housed in a beautifully restored 19th-century building. Each room is uniquely designed, blending contemporary style with traditional elements. 

Guests can also indulge in some of the finest food in San Sebastian, with the hotel boasting two restaurants, including the double Michelin Star Amelia Restaurant, by Paulo Airaudo. 

3. Hotel Atari

Hotel Atari in San Sebastian Old Town
Image from Hotel Atari Facebook

Situated right at the heart of the action, on the cobbled streets of the Old Town, Hotel Atari provides a stylish and modern stay in San Sebastian. 

This boutique hotel showcases sleek, minimalist design with a traditional Basque charm throughout its rooms and common areas. And from the hotel, guests can enjoy stunning views of the Old Town and The Basílica de Santa María. 

From Hotel Atari, all of the city’s main attractions are right on your doorstep!

4. Hotel Arbaso

Hotel Arbaso in San Sebastian
Image from Hotel Arbaso Facebook

Hotel Arbaso is located in the city centre (Area Romantica), in the shadows of the Buen Pastor Cathedral.

This boutique hotel is set in a beautiful 19th century that combines modern comfort with traditional Basque charm. 

The hotel’s 50 cosy rooms are equipped with modern features, with some of the rooms offering great views over the Buen Pastor courtyard.

Guests can also take advantage of the on site gym, or relax, pause and disconnect in the sauna.

With its central location and authentic atmosphere, Hotel Arbaso provides a delightful base for visitors to experience the best of San Sebastian.

5. Hotel Maria Cristina

The Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian
Image from Hotel Maria Cristina Facebook

The Hotel Maria Cristina has been dominating the San Sebastian skyline since 1912, making it a real icon in the city. 

This fancy hotel is a symbol of the city’s history and culture. It was the creation of architect Charles Mewes, who also worked on the famous Ritz hotels in Madrid and Paris. 

The rich and famous have always flocked to the Hotel Maria Cristina, especially during the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September. 

And let me tell you, there’s a good reason why. It’s one of the best hotels in the city, right in the centre of all the action!

6. ABBA Hotel

ABBA Hotel Rooftop

The ABBA Hotel, a more recent addition to San Sebastian’s hotel scene, only opened its doors in August 2020. It boasts a fantastic location on the Gros side of the River Urumea!

The hotel operates from a magnificent Baroque Palace that was constructed in the early 20th century. This palace is not only a protected building but also an impressive structure.

And whilst the building may be old, the rooms are spacious, modern and comfortable.

Want to know one of the best things about this hotel? Up on the rooftop, you’ll find a charming roof terrace complete with a cosy bar area, small pool and sun loungers where you can relax and take in the views.

7. Lasala Plaza Hotel

Lasala plaza hotel in San Sebastian Old Town
Image from Lasala Plaza Hotel Facebook

The Lasala Plaza Hotel is one of the top hotels in the city for a number of reasons! 

Primarily, it’s located in perhaps one of the best areas in San Sebastian, in the old fishing port in the Parte Vieja with incredible views over La Concha Bay.

Secondly, the hotel is set in a beautiful building that dates back to 1917. Inside, it’s been completely renovated, but has kept its original characteristic and charm. 

And aside from the 58 luxury rooms, on top, the hotel has perhaps San Sebastian’s most exclusive terrace (unfortunately it’s only open for guests of the hotel). You’ll struggle to find better views over La Concha, Santa Clara Island and the harbour. 

8. Zenit Convento Hotel

Zenit Convento San Martín hotel in San Sebastian
Image from Zenit Convento San Martín Facebook

Just a couple of streets back from La Concha beach, you’ll find the Zenit Convento Hotel

As the name suggests, this hotel is situated within a historic building that used to be a convent, dating all the way back to 1887.

Despite its classic and charming façade, crafted from stone sourced from Monte Igueldo, the hotel itself is thoroughly modern and equipped with all the amenities you could ask for. 

The icing on the cake is the exclusive rooftop pool, reserved solely for hotel guests, which truly makes it one of the finest rooftop spots in San Sebastian.

Even if you don’t end up staying here, it’s worth heading here just to visit the bar! It sits in the main hall which is an old chapel that has been beautifully restored and transformed to one of San Sebastian’s most unique spaces.