The 7 Best Spas Near Gipuzkoa

Whilst living in the Basque Country may seem easy – we have great weather, incredible food, beautiful mountains and a stunning coastline! Sometimes, you still need a little time to relax and unwind.

After a few years of living in San Sebastian, I’ve visited a number of the spas in Gipuzkoa on rainy day trips in winter, and weekends away in summer. 

These spa hotels blend traditional thalassotherapy with modern wellness, offering tranquil experiences and breathtaking views. And I’ve gotten to a narrowed down list of my favourites!

Below I’ll run through some of the recommended spas available located throughout Gipuzkoa, suited to every traveller’s needs.

The best spas in Gipuzkoa

Whether you’re looking for a day pass or an overnight stay to help you relax and unwind, you’re bound to find something that’s perfect. 

1. La Perla (San Sebastian)

The spa at La Perla in San Sebastian
Image from La Perla Facebook

La Perla offers a comprehensive wellness experience, right in the centre of San Sebastián. 

With a privileged location, right on La Concha beach, you’d struggle to find a spa with a better view than this one!

Entry to the thalassotherapy is one of my top things to do in San Sebastian when it rains. The centre features four main areas: thalassotherapy, a gym, health and beauty treatments, and dining. 

Boasting panoramic views, personalised treatments, modern equipment, and excellent dining options, there’s plenty to love about La Perla.

2. Balneario de Cestona (Zestoa)

Balneario de Cestona in Gipuzkoa
Image from Balneario de Cestona Facebook

Balneario de Cestona is located in Gipuzkoa countryside in between near Zumaia and Zarautz. Nestled in nature, it’s also just 30 kilometres from San Sebastián! 

As part of the leading Relais Termal chain in Spain, it offers tailored wellness experiences focusing on health, relaxation, beauty, alongside senior-specific services.

In particular, its internationally recognised mineral medicinal thermal waters are celebrated for their numerous health properties. 

If you’re looking for an overnight break, the spa is linked to two hotels (uniquely joined by a bridge over the river). In total there are 127 rooms in the historic 18th century building. 

3. Hotel Villa Antilla (Orio)

Hotel Villa Antilla  in Orio
Image from Hotel Villa Antilla Instagram

Hotel Villa Antilla in Orio presents an exclusive wellness and thalassotherapy centre designed for holistic care. 

Given its location (it’s named after Antilla Beach in Orio which it sits on the front of), it’s no surprise that the spa specialises in seawater treatments for health, fitness, and relaxation. 

It offers a “Marine Path” with six heated pools, sauna, hammam, therapeutic showers, a fitness area, and eight treatment rooms across 1,800 m2 of modern facilities! 

In addition to the health centre, the hotel is one of the best in the area. They offer private suites and rooms with beautiful sea views for those looking for the ultimate getaway.

4. Hotel Thalassotherapy Zelai (Zumaia)

Hotel Thalassotherapy Zelai
Image from Hotel Thalassotherapy Zelai Facebook

Hotel Thalassotherapy Zelai, located in Zumaia, offers a paradise with sea views, focusing on hydrotherapy and well-being. 

The centre uses modern thalassotherapy techniques and aesthetic treatments to help you relax and unwind. They offer various treatments, embracing seawater as natural therapy.

Alongside the spa, the hotel features 26 rooms with simple, minimalist decor, some with sea views. Its glass-enclosed restaurant offers stunning views of the Flysch cliffs, providing a dining experience like no other. 

Other Spas near to Gipuzkoa

Whilst the above options are located in the province of Gipuzkoa, below we have a few options that are nearby. 

We’ve travelled to these spas from San Sebastian as part of a day trip or weekend away, so are worth considering.

5. Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza

Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza
Image from Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza Instagram

Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza, located in Orduña (Bizkaia). For starters, the hotel offers a unique stay in a historic neoclassical building from the 18th century.

But whilst the building is beautiful from the outside, I personally found the rooms not to be as good as some of the others on the list. However, I did really like the spa!

It had a number of different cold and heated pools, each with their own benefits. Plus, there was a sauna, steam room and “massage shower”.

The hotel is a little out in the sticks, but we combined a relaxing weekend away with a visit to the Salto del Nervión (River Nervion waterfall), which was well worth the drive up.

6. Gran Hotel Durango

Gran Hotel Durango
Image from Gran Hotel Durango Instagram

Gran Hotel Durango, part of Silken Hotels, hosts Durango Sport Club & Spa, a modern wellness and fitness centre in a historic early 19th-century building. 

The centre offers a peaceful environment with a beauty boutique, manicure and pedicure treatments, seven treatment rooms, and hotel facilities for relaxation. 

It includes a steam room, sauna, indoor Jacuzzi, and a state-of-the-art fitness facility with Technogym gym equipment. 

The spa, providing a serene space for rejuvenation and fitness, combined with the hotel, make this an exclusive and luxurious break. 

7. Relais Thalasso Hendaye

Relais Thalasso Hendaye
Image from Relais Thalasso Hendaye Facebook

Relais Thalasso Hendaye offers a comprehensive wellness experience with a focus on thalassotherapy. 

It is located in a serene setting, which can perhaps rival La Peral and Hotel Villa Antilla! But as you may notice, it’s actually located in France!

The centre specialises in utilising seawater treatments to promote health and well-being. It provides a variety of treatments designed to harness the therapeutic properties of seawater, along with other wellness services.

I’ve visited here a few times on a day pass which is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. But it’s also part of the hotel if you fancy a night over in the beautiful Hendaye.