Interactive Map of Bilbao

We’ve created an interactive map below which contains the top things to see in Bilbao, our recommended restaurants, bars and other points of interest.

You can click on each of the symbols to learn more about each place. 

View the full size map here.

Download the map to your phone

Our map of Bilbao is the perfect travelling companion to help you navigate the city. 

Simply follow the instructions below to download the map to your phone to use whilst visiting Bilbao. 

  1. If you don’t already have the Google Maps App, download this from the App Store or Google Play (depending on which device you have)
  2. Open the map on your phone by clicking the “full size map link” above. You should now be able to view the map in your phone’s Google Maps App
  3. When you want to reopen our Bilbao map, open your Google Maps App and click on “saved” at the bottom

4. From the next screen scroll down and click on “maps” in the bottom right hand corner

Google Maps download a map

5. This will then open a link of all the maps you’ve recently opened, including our map of Bilbao

Other maps of Bilbao

Alongside our interactive map of our favourite places, there are also some other maps that we can recommend below.

Printable Tourist Map

The map of Bilbao with points of interest from the Bilbao Tourismo body can be accessed online here.

You can also pick one up from the tourist office in Bilbao at Plaza Biribila (near the Abando metro station) when you arrive in the city.